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Family day at Raymond Terrace

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The next 2 days we spent relaxing (which in an Australian household is still pretty intense) and meeting even more family members... this time Phoebe (Murray and Caroline's daughter) and Josh (her husband)!

We also celebrated Murray's birthday because, much to the annoyance of the family, he had been called to work on his actual birthday the week before.

Charlotte and I then took the 4ish train from Broadmeadow Station [near to Raymond Terrace] to Sydney Central Station.


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Charlotte and Tom - Nelson Bay

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Hey hey!

Amazing, I'de managed to move my sleeping pattern forward by 12 hours with barely any of the usual jet lag effects :-) That meant for a nice active Thursday... Charlotte and I left No. 31, Alton Road [the most famous house in Raymond Terrace!] in good time for the bus to Nelson Bay, but due to unforseen circumstances [further than we thought, lol] we missed the only bus of the day! After much eager interogation of the local bus drivers, who were all extremely helpful [even if it made them late for their next stop], we had a new route planned. A little longer than the usual but nonetheless, by 11:30 we had arrived at Nelson Bay! A lovely marina village with a small beach area.

Caroline had suggested that the Dolphin tours were a 'must see', and I could not agree more! After a quick lunch we went to investigate our dolphin options. There was quite a selection of different cruises, we went for a smaller looking sailing boat. We gently drifted out of the marina at 1:30 and with in 10 minutes we had come across a large pod of dolphins. It was great to see them in their natural environment, they only really jump out of the water when they are chasing a fish and want to get a quick breath and boy did one of them jump! This dude of a dolphin shot into the air, his entire body out of the water... it was awesome! If you ask me, he wasn't catching fish... he was just showing off :-) We then headed off for a short voyage around the bay and then back to the marina, a really relaxing trip.


On our way back to the bus stop, I looked up and had an aweful feeling that I'de gone and brought English weather with me... a huge black cloud! Justy as we are climbing aboard, the heavens opened.

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Raymond Terrace and the Coppins'

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After a 2 hour drive with the most amazing scenery, we arrived in Raymond Terrace. I thought that the Coppins' house was called Raymond Terrace, but its actually the name of the town/village in which they live. We went on a little tour to see the military base, Will's prep school, the river, local pub, church, etc. and then ended up at their home! I met Oli straight away but Will had gone to school.

As I am only here for 4 days we thought it best to use every minute to its full. So that afternoon at 2 o'clock we went to Oakvale Farm. They have a huge collection of animals, many of wich have been hand reared and were very people friendly. As well as milking a cow [which I must admit one could do at Bockets Farm, 5 mins down the road from Robinswood... but I have SOMEHOW never done before], feeding goats, pigs, duck, geese and seeing many other unusual animals such as pellicans, wombats, dingos, a cassowary... I got to feed, be climbed on by and dance with kangaroos! I was a little intimidated to start with due to their slightly angry looking, constantly frowned faces, but they were all vey calm and willing to climb all over you in their attempts to get to the food!


We popped down the local pub that evening. The view looks out over the river, and a lovely sunset and a thunder storm in the distance made for a beautiful meal.


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Arrive in Sydney

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G'day mate!

Now that was a LONG flight! It dawned on me when I sat down on the Qantas plane to Bankok that it was going to take quite a while... 10 hours infact! I had semi-planned ahead by bringing Harry Potter [i'm sooo cool!] 6 with me but as soon as the entertainment was switched on... poor old Harry P. didnt get a lookin [to tell you the truth he never made it out of the bag, lol!]. I was also looking forward to a good chin wag with some random knowledgable and riviting individual... but just my luck, I ended up with an old fogy whose snore was louder than the plane's engines.

Bangkok... had one hour to amuse myself. They have a wonderful new airport made of glass, but glass + sun + no aircon = greenhouse. So I went hunting for a thirst quenching beverage. After failing miserably to use both my Solo and Amex cards, I thought changing some pounds into some Bangkokian currency would be a doddle, no. Just so you know for the future: If you want to change GB Pounds to Thai money you have to change atleast £5, and if you want to use a card £75. As I had neither of these I had to resort to changing Australian $ into Thai stuff... this worked a treat, I had my very own 415 Thai moneys! The Coca-cola I purchased was about 100, so I now have quite alot of souvenir notes!

Hopped back onto the plane for another 9 hours, this time next to a lovely Danish lady who was heading up to Darwin to travel for a month and then going back down to Syndey to work as a nanny for 3 months. After a chat and a film I forced myself to sleep to try to beat the dreaded jet lag, and if I may say so myself I did a rather good job [untill 7pm yesterday when I totally crashed infront of the TV].


Curry, Maraline and Charlotte had very kindly come to Sydney arrivals to meet me! Absolutely lovely people [well, Murray and Caroline are... Charlotte's a nasty piece of work]. Murray then drove us all to the Terrace!

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I'm off!

Well, i've almost finished packing... started about 10 mins ago! I think i've remembered most of my things, the important ones anyway [book, MP3 player, etc.]


My flight is at... actually I don't know exactly, hang on while I go look.......................... OK, the flight is at 10:15pm from Heathrow and I'll arrive in Aus at 6:05am Wednesday [Sydney time]!

I shall try to keep updating this blog over the next month and a half.
See you soon,

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